About Us

Green Street Project empowers individuals and organizations with outreach tools and solutions in order to build more connected, engaged communities. We are a Chicago-based, 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, founded in 2004. Partners and Supporters Chicago Mayor's Office and Sean Harden, head of its Interfaith and Community Affairs division, co-founded the Community Building Initiative with us. Sean Harden chairs the Community Building Initiative. Pixelgate Media and principal Leah Dickey serve as our lead design agency and oversee all design aspects of Green Street Project, CitizenPowered.org and the websites of our clients. Goldberg Kohn and principal Gerald Jenkins provide valuable business and legal counsel. Verizon Wireless, our official wireless and broadband provider, outfitted us with mobile telephone service, Blackberry devices and BroadbandAccess Air Cards so we can connect to anyone at anywhere and anytime. IBM provided us with robust computer servers and hardware to help run CitizenPowered.org. 37 Signals provided its popular, online Base Camp project management software, which we use to manage all of our activities at Green Street Project. onShore Networks helps host our website. Mandatek supports our internal office technology system. Metro Self Storage provides space for Green Street Project to receive equipment and donations. Loft Artists: We base ourselves out of a 100-year-old, former nuts and bolts factory in Chicago's historic Kinzie Industrial Corridor. Thanks to the following artists, who each provided us several inspiring pieces to transform our loft into a place for creative thinking and community gathering: ISz, a prolific Chicago artist Leah Dickey, a talented artist and graphic designer Olan, a prominent, New York City pop artist Arts of Life, a worthwhile, Chicago-based arts program empowering those with disabilities to make art